Indoor Air & Mold Testing

Home owners often believe the first sign of a potential mold problem in your home is visible mold growth found in the interior of your home.  This isn't always the case, and warning signs for Mold can often be detected early on.  This allows for you and your family to take action before health concerns are raised and visible growth is found.  Testing can be performed by taking samples directly from surfaces in your home that are likely to experience mold growth, and by testing the air quality in your home for an elevated presence of Mold Spores and Particles.  A Certified and Experienced Mold Professional like Mike can test your home for these indicators and guide your family in the right direction early on.  Arrange for Mold and Indoor Air testing services by calling 828-699-9650 today.

EPA Home Guide

The EPA has published a home guidebook to help you understand the role that indoor air and moisture can play in Mold growth in your home. They also provide information about how Mold and Mold Spores can affect the health of you and your family living in the home.